The Waking Time

I think I have figured out sleep.

My sleep cycle is about 160 minutes long, give or take 10 minutes. I will wake after 2 hours 40 minutes, roll over and go for another 2 hours 40 minutes, and so on.

I never have any problem falling asleep. That is as long as I have stayed away from anything with caffeine for the previous eight hours.

I sleep like a rock too. A bomb could go off and I would lay there, dead to the world incorporating the sound into my dreams.

My alarm is set for 5:00am on work days. This creates a problem if I go to bed anytime between 9:30 to 11pm. Like clockwork, I will automatically wake during the 4:00am hour, wide-awake, thinking and staring at the ceiling.

I recently have found something that helps. Sadly, it is only now in my life that I have figured out a great use of that time… and no, it’s not to reach for my phone and check Facebook.

I pray.  It’s quiet. I am alone with my thoughts. I am alone with my God. I lay there thinking of the previous day and gearing up for the coming day. I pray and thank Him for my existence. I thank Him for allowing me another day. I reflect and thank Him for what transpired yesterday. I ask for help in the coming day. I pray for my spouse. I pray for my boys. I pray for my job. I pray.

There is something very special about that time, and I believe it is the best time spent in my entire day. Instead of fretting about what has been or what will be, I turn it over to my higher power. It’s so simple and freeing.

So, next time you lay awake at night, unable to sleep, turn to your maker. He’s there, waiting. He’s been there all along.

– Bill Peterson


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