Hot Water

Hot water is a luxury. It may not been necessary for human survival, but when you are without it, your first world comes to a grinding halt.

There are many variations of hot water in our lives.

– Cooking:  Boiling water is a simple process that saves you and the rest world from endless diarrhea.

– Bathing:  A daily (one would hope) ritual of cleansing the human body from the funk every single one of us somehow grow magically since the last cleansing ritual. Let’s be honest… no one likes a cold shower over a warm one, and those who say they do are lying.

– The hot tub, Jacuzzi and or hot spring:  Ah. The self-indulgent oasis for the physically sore (and not so sore), enabling one to bubble and sweat their aches and pains away.

– The angry spouse or boss: Wait, what? Yeah, you know, when someone says, “Ooh, you’re in hot water!” Okay, give me a break… people actually used to say that.
Anyway, we’ve all been there. The hot water of trouble. It’s interesting how hot water representing trouble is also aligned with something that is typically a protection to our human frailties. Maybe it’s the correlation that trouble is the bane that needs boiling. As in the same way that hot water kills bacteria and soothes, the rancidness of trouble needs to be addressed and scrubbed away. When we face the heat and admit where we failed (instead of fighting it) we are cleansed and move on. And like the hot tub, letting go of bad behaviors frees us of the aches and pains that they cause.

Whatever way you look at it, hot water is a true blessing. Without it we wouldn’t grow… plus we would be cranky, stinky humans stuck on the toilet for hours.

– Bill Peterson


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